What People Are Saying

"Grateful to be a part of the AFDA family again this summer! It's been a pleasure to work with these wonderful, creative human beings. A unique experience, I enj...oy that at AFDA we are able to give input in pretty much all aspects of the production. I'm also very appreciative that this theatre is a welcoming, affirming & open theatre. Hope to continue working with AFDA in the future!

"I love local theater! This is a great company! Musicians and performers are terrific!"

“This theatre did an incredible job of creating a space where every performer has the opportunity to take risks and bring their own vision and interpretation to the performance... AFDA is truly a gem in the  Cleveland theatre community...I truly cannot wait to see what comes next and be able to audition for them again.”

“My experience with AFDA this summer brought theater back into my life and reminded me of what I had been missing!  Thank you AFDA for transforming our community through involvement in the dramatic arts!” 

“After a 10+ year span away from the stage, and coming out of a fairly difficult year of personal transformation, I finally took the leap back into theater...AFDA welcomed me with open arms and I felt like I'd finally returned home. The cast and crew became a tight-knit family in just two short months, and the experience was overwhelming for me.
I am truly so grateful for making this transformation possible and I can't wait to return to AFDA in the future! Love to all!”

“Small cast, small venue, HUGE performance. You guys absolutely nailed it. Great job!!”